Welcome to Five Gills Design!

Introducing Myself

My name is Christina, and I am an illustrator with a background in marine biology and education. I am passionate about the ocean, especially sharks! I love spending time underwater, observing marine life big and small.

Me diving with an oceanic whitetip shark in the Red Sea of Egypt

My Art

I share my love for science through art. As a trained scientist and educator, my illustrations are not only eye-catching but also scientifically-accurate. Nothing annoys me more than a drawing of a shark with 3 gills! Check my portfolio page for examples of my previous work.

A sample of my art, from the deep-sea species collection

My Experience

My illustrations have been used in many marine/shark-related outreach programs. I've created infographics, species illustrations, and coloring sheets to help people learn more about marine life. Check my experience page for some organizations that I have worked with.

A board game with my art made for Taiwan Marine Education Center

My Shop

I have a shop where you can order products featuring my art. Check my shop page to browse and order.

A sample of my products available to buy

Hire Me

I'm available for hire to make art for your projects. To contact me, please fill out the form on my contact page.

Five Gills Design shark shaking hand and fin with a human